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This homepage reports mainly the keeping, breeding and biology in the habitat of my fascinating bullsnakes.

My own experience, many pictures and the use of suitable literature should give an extensive picture of this widespread snake genus.

hypo bull snake

amelanistic Sonoran gopher snake

amelanistic Florida pine snake


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In the German language we use mostly for all the species and subspecies of Pituophis the name "Bullennattern". But in America there...  


Most of these beautiful and interesting snakes are incorrectly named agressiv.

Thus there are exeptionsis normaly my animals are tame...

At the begining there were my gartersnakes... 









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Today I serve the English Pages for the first time for several month.

If you are only interested in knowing about my offspring 2009 - please read about it at the end of this paragraph. :-)

Well what happend in this time:

My vacation 2008 I spent in the Southeast USA - in search for the Pituophis Mugitus, Lodingi and Ruthveni - and to visit the Breeder Expo in Daytona Beach.

In 2009 I encreased my effords for the Workgroup snakes of the DGHT. The annual meeting in May 2009 I planed in greater parts by my own.

Our next annual meeting will be in May 2010 in Kassel/Ger.

In the end of May 2009 I spent my vacation mainly in New Jersey- the best vacation of my life I think. I was allowed to participate in radiotelemetry of pine snakes and got to know Robert Zappalorti. I found several herps and spent much time with other fieldherpers.

A big "thank you" to all the people who made my vacation so succsessful.

At the beginning of June 2009 I spent some days in Northern Italy with my friend Jörg - to see my Italian friends at the Reptile Days in Longarone and to fieldherp a little. My pictures of this time I published here

My actual effords in making some literature:

In the German Draco No. 37 "Florida" are 2 printed article of mine:

"Haltung und Nachzucht der Kettennattern, Lampropeltis getula, Floridas" and

"Die Florida-Kiefernnatter, Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus Barbour, 1921 - bisher noch ein seltener Terrarienpflegling".

In the German Terraria No. 19 August 2009 will be the beginning of my small series about the Northern pine snake - in nature and terrarium.

Something is moving... ;-) If you can read German it will be worth to read it - I gave my best ! ;-)

Our Pituophis book comes to its end of preparing. We and the editor will finish it this weeks. The first advertises for it you can see for example here .

In recent time I gave again some LCD projector presentations - last September about the genus Pituophis at the annual DGHT Meeting in Potsdam, in January about my 2008 USA vacation in Bergkamen, in May at he annual meeting at the DGHT Workgroup snakes with the curial point in snakes.

At the beginning of May 2009 I gave a lecture about the genus Pituophis at the Vivaristischen Vereinigung in Neuss. At 06.26. 2009 I spoke at the Terrarienfriends in Rheine - about my little adventures in "Florida to Louisana".

Keeping and breeding snakes is still my greatest hobby - and most of my c.b. 2009 snakes are hatched. The last Pumilus hatched today, the het. amel. Catenifer some days before. Amel Affinis, amel. striped Annectens, amel. and het. Melanoleucus and normal colored Sayi hatched too.

In Lampropeltis hatched some poss. het amel and amel. Florida king snakes (brooksie) and the amel. corns are ou too. My Nerodia f. fasciata gave birth to more than 2 dozends of young.

Now I am only waiting for the hatch of the Deserticolas and amel. Mugitus.

I will trie to actualize my page regulary - sorry for my delay!

See you in Hamm, Houten or Reckinghausen!

Till soon ;-)


Little look back to the last fortnight...

At the workgroup snakes of the DGHT I help now as the treasurer - because of lacking duties... ;-)

Last week I gave some speech and lectures about our hobby: one at der DGHT-Stadtgruppe Münster about my herpetological experience in the USA, the second at the Exoterra-Symposium in Bochum about my keeping of Colubrids. And a workgroup of the 5th form of the Realschule Strünkede in Herne I visited with 2 snakes and some "accessories" - too a good visit!

My snakes and the remaining c.b. are awake again and the first ones got the first food today.


Starting right now I will organize the internal distribution of our magazin "OPHIDIA" of the workgroup snakes of the DGHT. We publish 2 times a year well written articles around the theme snakes - in German language. Now I have the issue 2 at my home - ready to send or give away.

We thought only about a distribution in Germany but if you have interest from abroad - maybe we find a way to ship it for an acceptable price.

Please use my known email adress - or ophidia(at) A subject ophidia will help to prevent your email to find it's way into the waste bin. There are a lot of junk mails around.

In Germany we ask 3 Euro/issue + 1 Euro shipping/packing or 8 Euro for an annual abonement (2 issues).


Here are some interesting news:

My hp switched to a new provider actualy. I hope that the hp survived it healthy (A big thank you to my webdesigner Martin!). Only the hp will remain, the second domain will run out.

Furthermore we (A lot of Martin and a little of Bernd) began to rebuild the hp complete. But it will last some weeks till it will be online.

My snakes are furter in hibernation - so I have a little time for things like this. ;-)


Yesterday I gave my first lecture about my vacation in the Northwest of the USA of last summer - and I left some people who were very astonished about the diversity of the herpetofauna there.

My snakes are all in hibernation now - and I have some time - for my homepage, to sort pictures, preparing lectures - and a little time for my family... ;-)

Our manuskript for the Pituophis book is at the editor now.

I actualised all the pages of the hp now - and last autum I got some help of Mr. Briggs from the USA for some pages of the Mexican Pituophis ssp..


Here are some hopefuly interesting new dates for lectures:

About my last vacation in the North East of the USA I completed a herpetological lecture about the nature and landscapes where the reptiles and amphibians will be the curial point. For the next year there are 3 lectures planed (in German language - sorry):

1) in the DGHT local group Dortmund/D (in our meeting restaurant in Bergkamen/D) at the first friday of the January 2008

2) in the DGHT local group Münster/D at the 3rd Friday of the February 2008

3) at the annual meeting of the workgroup snakes of the DGHT in Diebzig/Aken/D on the first weekend of May 2008 - this time with the curial point on the snakes of New York und New Jersey I found.

I would be pleased when some friends of the genus Pituophis could come to the lectures too because they are a part of all lectures - the most of at the workgoup snake in May 2008.

Before a lot of thanks to all the friends and friendly people in the USA who made my lecture possible. Those people helped me altrustic with their time, space and knowledge to see and photograph their beautiful animal kingdom and landscapes.

Older mentions

And here some advertise for ;-)

My friends of have done some further work for me, they published and translated some of my works in our Pituophis-section in Italian and set in new photos!!!!!!! Please look again at their site. An English version is there, too.


My friends of have done some further work for me, they published my deppei-works in our Pituophis-section there !!!!!!! Please look at their site. An English version is there, too.

Above this lines right hand now is a button for pages of my actual pictures. Please look at them, regulary I will actualise it.

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