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    Santa Cruz Island Gopher Snake

    Pituophis catenifer pumilus

0,1 pumilus, a Swedish c.b., aprox 6 month old, aprox 35 cm in lenght


 This snake lives in the West of the USA only on the island Santa Cruz and some otherer islands in its neighbourhood. All together those are the Channel Islands and they are located aprox. 40 km off the coast of California in the height of Santa Barbara. Its main distribution would be on Santa Cruz Island. It has an area of 245,4 km². This island has many canyons and there are two mountainregions, one of them reaches up to 730 m over sea level. 90% of the land area areprotected and can be visited only with a special permit. The eastern 10% of the island are a National Park and can be visited. This snake now is protected with California law and collecting it is prohibited. On these islands they are the only Pituophis.


pumilus c.b. from the Netherland, 2 month old, aprox. 25 cm




Way of life

 Durinal, but it lives very secretiv. This ssp. would prefer rodent tunnels like the other Pituophis.


 In habitat those snakes feed mainly upon mice. Furtherwise they emty nests of smaller birds. Young ones maybe feed upon Side Bloched Lizards (Uta stansburiana)(-Sku).


 This ssp. will hibernate like the other Pituophis. On Santa Cruz Island the winter are cool and moist. The temperatures can drop down to 0°C.


It is mainly as at -Genus Pituophis- described. The size of the clutches are at 4-8 eggs. The hatchlings have a lenght of 17 to 23 cm.

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