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My publications in theme Pituophis:


      SKUBOWIUS, B. (2004): Keeping and breeding Pine Snakes Pituophis melanoleucus. — Literatura Serpentinum, 24(2):

      SKUBOWIUS, B. (2007): Bull snakes (Pituophis catenifer sayi), the keeping of this variable snake species. — Literatura Serpentinum, 27(1):

      SKUBOWIUS, B. (2008): Auf der Suche nach Schlangen in New Yersey (In search of snakes in New Jersey) - Ophidia, 3 (2)

      HIRSCHKORN, D, + SKUBOWIUS, B. (2008): Worktitle: Bullennattern, Gophernattern und Kiefernattern der Gattung Pituophis Holbrook, 1842. - NTV-Verlag, Münster

      Terra Pro II, a German series of CD's - the part of the Pituophis I did.

      And in the German book "Nattern - faszinierend exotisch" of H. Dr. Dieter Schmidt are some beautiful photos of Pituophis - with only one exeption are those all my Pituophis. In the year 2004 the photographer Mrs. Steimer took photos of some of my snakes in order of the author of this booklet.

      In detail there are:

      Page 4 - my male of het. amel. San Diego Gophersnake (same pic seen on even pages 6-14 top left hand, too).

      Page 6 - my most beautiful female of the northern pine snake. Further pictures of the same pretty snake are on the pages 15 and 49.

      Page 24 - my semiadult male of the "black/white" bull snake, a northern variant of the bull snake. The yellow color will change in adultness into white, hopefully.

      The animal, wich Mr. Dr. Schmidt used on page 10 for the species description of Pituophis melanoleucus might be a mexican pine snake Pituophis deppei deppei.

      Henkel, F.W. + Schmidt, W. (2008): Terrarien bauen und einrichten (4. Auflage) - In the chapter - Rack-Terrarien page 82-85 I helped with the text and the pictures are mine of my rack system for my young snakes


      1999: At the Snakeday in Houten/NL: Colorslides lecture in theme Pituophis

      05/2004: At the meeting of the DGHT regional group Dortmund: a lecture with beamer about my Pituophis.

      05/2005: At the meeting of the DGHT workgroup Schlangen (snakes) in Diebzig/Germany: Lecture with beamer about the whole genus Pituophis with crucial point in the subspecies wich I keep myself.

      March the 2'nd 2007: A little lecture about the keeping of snakes in racks at the monthly DGHT-meeting in Bergkamen/Germany

      2008/04/01: at the DGHT local group Dortmund/D: Herpetological expressions of the Northeast of the USA
      2008/15/02: At the local group Münster/Ger. of the DGHT: Herpetological expressions of the Northeast of the USA
      2008/02/17: At the first Exoterra Symposium in Bochum: Nattern - Haltung und Nachzucht als Hobby (Colubrids - keeping and breeding as a hobby)

      2008/05/03: At the meeting of the DGHT workgroup Schlangen (Snakes) in Diebzig/Aken/Ger.: Die Schlangen des Nordosten der USA (The snakes of the Northeast of the USA)

      21.06.08: at the DGHT local group Köln/D: Herpetological expressions of the Northeast of the USA

      27.06.08: At the meeting of terraruim friends in Rheine/Ger.: Herpetological expressions of the Northeast of the USA

      03.- 07.09.08: At the annual meeting of the DGHT in Potsdam/Ger: Some representatives of the genus Pituophis HOLBROOK 1842 in nature and terrarium


      A lot of thanks to all the friends and friendly people in the USA who made my actual lectures possible. Those people helped me altrustic with their time, space and knowledge to see and photograph their beautiful animal kingdom and landscapes.

      If you are in interest to have a lecture about this theme in your community of snake friends and keepers - and I have a chance to reach you in a suitable time and distance - feel free to ask. Sometimes a year I am f.e. in Italy or in the Netherlands. My useful languages are German and English.

      Reptile related journeys

      Amphibian migration in Herne in April 2006

      Cocullo + Abruzzi (I) in May 2006

      Rome (I) in May 2006

      Longarone (I) in May 2006

      Amphibian migration in Herne in February 2007

      Cocullo + Abruzzi (I) in May 2007

      In the last years I was regulary at the fairs in Longarone in northern italy - here are my pictures of it:
      2004 (with the pictures of Jörg and Ina)
      2007 - the "official" photos of Davide Fain


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